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A Unit with History

The Blazing Aces have existed since 2003. We started with the NBT league for Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries and our leadership is comprised of long-time Battletech veterans.

Full House

Our players are active in many different games. Whether you like to fight on the front lines, explore mysterious lands, or take command of an army, the Blazing Aces have something for you.

Winning Hand

We're not afraid to do what it takes to win, but we play for fun first and foremost. Inexperienced players that are willing to learn and follow orders in combat are welcome here.

Platforms We Use

Games We Play

Active Roster

PilotRankSuitSteam ProfileJoined
Victor Morson Ace 11 July, 2012
Sikreci Ace 3 Jan, 2012
Fred Sampson Ace 10 July, 2012
Starlancer Ace 2 May, 2013
Bunko King 11 Nov, 2012
LordCreampuff King 30 April, 2013
Waxjock King 21 July, 2012
Ice Bones Jack 13 July, 2012
John Foster Ten 6 Aug, 2012
McCloud Ten 4 Aug, 2012
Recluse Ten 23 Oct, 2012
Atham Nine 12 July, 2012
G B Vandenburg Seven 24 Dec, 2014
mRicci Six 21 Dec, 2013
SGTSimmons Five

Latest News

Nov 17 2019

Sector Seven

GM: Victor Morson
System: Master System
Genre: Action

October 21 2019

Tomb of Annihilation

A shocking rumor buzzes through the Forgotten Realms; a mysterious affliction is targeting those who have been raised from the dead....

Sept 29 2019

Stargate Earth and Beyond

GM: SGTSimmons
System: Master System
Genre: Sci-Fi Action/Adventure

July 6 2019

Tal' Dorei

Critical Role has taken the roleplaying world by storm and now you can join the adventure....

May 5 2019

System Shock

GM: Victor Morson
System: Master System
Genre: Sci-Fi Action/Survival

March 6 2019

Star Wars Galaxy

GM: Starlancer
System: Star Wars Galaxy
Genre: Sci-Fi Action/Adventure

December 1 2018


GM: Starlancer
System: Dungeon World Revised
Genre: High Fantasy Action/Adventure

June 24 2018


GM: Victor Morson
System: Master System
Genre: Supernatural Action/Horror

May 12 2018

The Elder Scrolls: Tamriel

GM: Starlancer
System: Master System
Genre: High Fantasy Action/Adventure

Feb 18 2018

Azure Skies

GM: McCloud
System: Warbirds
Genre: Steampunk(ish) Action/Adventure

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